Don’t get me wrong, I like quinoa, but the choices I find are usually limited to a salad with beans, corn, tomatoes, a tangy sauce and a couple unique ingredients. I felt that this season warranted a slightly heavier version of my usual quinoa-based meal. I found a recipe for stuffed poblano peppers with quinoa and chipotle sauce  and decided this is for me. I’m in general a fan of stuffed peppers because they provide an edible container for a whole meal, and are often simple to prepare. The only difficulty I had with the recipe was finding fresh poblano peppers, but Whole Foods came through after 2 other grocery stores.

As for the meal itself, I don’t think the pictures above do it justice. The meal was hearty with the addition of the pepper and 8oz of goat cheese on top and mixed in the filling. I was easily expecting to eat 2 peppers, but 1 filled me up with the addition of a home made brew (more on that later). For a little over an hour of work, I got a healthy, filling, delicious dinner plus another dinner and lunch this week. Well worth it.

This post will also serve as an intermediate update for my first batch of brewed beer. As you can see in the picture, it turned out rather clear, despite being unfiltered, and has rich yellow color, not quite on par with Golden Monkey,  and minimal head.  Overall, the beer is a little overly sweet with a malty profile and very little hops. The sweetness could be due to my impatience with the process. This beer fermented for only 1 week and carbonated for 8 days, essentially the minimum time for each step. Half of the batch is still carbonating, so I expect it to mellow and dry out some by the time I refrigerate it this coming week.

Moving forward, my second batch has been in the fermentor for 4 days, and will be bottled as soon as my first batch is gone. This second batch is a golden lager.

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