My first real post will be about the beer making I am experimenting with. I purchased a Mr. Beer kit as an easy, affordable first step in home brewing after a good amount of research. The instructions are simple and each kit makes about 2 gallons of unfiltered beer. The process is simple: dissolve the booster (corn syrup) into hot water, then stir in the hopped malt extract to create the wort. Pour the mixture and the yeast into the fermenter, then stir after sitting for 5 minutes. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Below are some blurrycam pics of the this first batch, a yet unnamed blonde ale.

Now it’s just a waiting game as the yeast converts the sugars in the wort to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Being my first batch, I was impatient and only let the beer ferment for 8 days, the low end of the recommended range.

The kit includes 8 1-liter dark plastic bottles. Using the tap on the keg, I filled each of the bottles to the neck and added 2½ tsp of sugar to naturally carbonate the beer. After all of the bottles were filled there was almost a full pint of liquid remaining, which is in my mustache pint glass. It tasted very much like a weak flat blond ale, but there is a good deal of potential as the beer is carbonated and aged.  At the bottom of the keg, the yeast seems to have formed a white/brown goo that I put into a glass for further inspection. That goo was extremely bitter but had an interesting texture, kind of like corn starch and water.

With the carbonation started, the bottles are back in my closet under a towel for a minimum of one week.

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