Wow am I terrible at writing posts (regularly). Hopefully I haven’t disappointed both of my readers. The whole summer went by and school is now in full swing.

Food update:

I have a back log of pictures of delicious dinners from the past few months. In lieu of inundating this post with a wall of images, here are the links to some of the best recipes I’ve cooked recently:

Looking back at these recipes, me carb of choice has switched from quinoa to lentils for the time being.

Whats new with my home-brew

Here in Atlanta the weather is finally cooling down enough to start brewing again. Because I don’t have chillers or run the A/C during the day, brewing can’t start until the inside temp doesn’t get above 76. I may also up the ante a little and brew 2 batches simultaneously. While the 2 gallons from each batch is a decent amount, one batch every six weeks doesn’t cut it. Hopefully, I’ll also be a little more adventurous knowing that there is always another batch ready soon.

Maybe one of these days I’ll post something about robotics also.

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