First brew of the year

The Brew I bottled the first brew this season before I left for winter break. When I returned to Atlanta, it was refrigerated and ready to drink. It started as a Mr. Beer Oktoberfest, but I decided to spice it up a little because the base brews tend to lack flavor. To keep with the season, I added 2 tbsp of ground cinnamon and tbsp ground nutmeg to the keg just before adding yeast. In hind sight, I should have used while cinnamon sticks and partly ground nutmeg in a muslin sack and removed them before bottling. Either way, the mixture fermented for about 4 weeks. I chose to let it ferment that long because the average temperature was around 60 deg F. During the bottling process, I tasted the beer, and immediately regretted adding the spices. There was a strange bitter aftertaste that was definitely not hops, and similar to the dry bitterness of a black tea steeped way too long. Not a...
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I’m terrible at this

Wow am I terrible at writing posts (regularly). Hopefully I haven't disappointed both of my readers. The whole summer went by and school is now in full swing. Food update: I have a back log of pictures of delicious dinners from the past few months. In lieu of inundating this post with a wall of images, here are the links to some of the best recipes I've cooked recently: Lentils Spiked with Mustard Baja Pork Stir-Fry Salmon with Lentils and Mustard Blackened Tilapia Baja Tacos Looking back at these recipes, me carb of choice has switched from quinoa to lentils for the time being. Whats new with my home-brew Here in Atlanta the weather is finally cooling down enough to start brewing again. Because I don't have chillers or run the A/C during the day, brewing can't start until the inside temp doesn't get above 76. I may also up the ante a little and brew 2 batches simultaneously. While the 2 gallons from each batch is a decent amount, one batch every six...
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Aging is Amazing

After the not-so-hot first review of my blonde ale, I let the remaining beer carbonate for an additional week in my closet before being refrigerated. There are not any pictures because the color and clarity are unchanged after additional carbonation. What did change was the sweetness. The extra week allowed the yeast time to ferment the remaining sugars that make the beer overly sweet before. The new flavor profile resembles the American blonde ales I am accustomed to. The result of this extra time also created a highly carbonated brew. Thinking back on my brewing process, the fermentation time was the minimum 7 days, so I expect that my impatience resulted in an incomplete fermentation, which passed unfermented sugars on to the carbonation phase. Coupled with the granulated sugar I added for carbonation, the sugar content made the beer overly sweet when i opened one bottle before carbonation finished and overly carbonated after adequate carbonation time. Overall, this first batch taught...
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